About us page like this feel good to you and your visitors

about us blog

If you have also a blog, then your blog should have an About us page which is necessary for your visitors to become easily reachable to them as well as to approve for adsense. Most of the bloggers make about us page to become eligible to get adsense approval, but some don't know about that and start their blog without doing it. But it is necessary to become reachable to visitors easily and effectively.

But how this page should be look like. This thing you will know in this article. So read it completely to end. You will get all things to know related to about us page in this post.

This is very common that if we buy or use templates of blogger or wordpress, they provide us already made about us page otherwise can make this easily.  But important thing is that this page should be easily viewable to visitors in first eye contact. This may be either on the top of your blog tabs or on the right side of the blog. But most blog have this page on the top which seems to be good looking.

Next, the question comes that how we have to start this page with. This question should come in your mind which shows that you want something special and attractive looking for this page. So start with welcome short speech like lines which attract to your visitors.

Then in next paragraph, you can include the bio data of your business from which your visitors could know your business and the aims and what you provide to your customers.

After that which is more necessary is that what you provide from your blog to visitors. Because they visit your blog first to get needs. So you have to introduce your blog which things, articles or any other thing you provide through your blog.

Many websites provide auto about us page generator. This option is very simple and also good and sober. But if you want to put extra attractions for your blog, then this can"t fulfill your need. So try to design your about us page on your own for your blog. This page also show your creativity and make your about us page good looking. This page doesn't contain too much material, so you should make this page attractive as possbile as you can.

Now in the end you should include your name, address, contact no. and most important is working hours in which you are available to your visitors.

SEO is really beneficial

For any successful start-up, search engine optimization (SEO) is very important. SEO can be planned if taken in a little more sensible manner. SEO start-up helps to reach as many audiences as possible. Important data is researched with the help of SEO optimization. Experts show that as a start-up, the search engine optimization is used, the same is known to their customers about what they are looking for or where they are interested.

Helps to stay on top

Benfits of SEO

SEO tools are used in the search for the top of the business information in Google search. Many tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console are used for its use. You can see from what words the target audience is using. With Google Analytics it is possible to see what users are doing on a website or platform. The Google Search Console shows exactly what was discovered and how the user who discovered it reached there. In this way you can also manage your website.

Create Start-ups Informative

Benfits of SEO

When the target is detected by the target audience, then it becomes easy to decide how to attract them. Experts show that if a keyword is not working properly, then another keyword can be prepared. This research is possible only with the help of SEO. Now your name appears repeatedly in front of customers in Google search, so it creates trust between customers.

How to Create Long Term Users

Benfits of SEO

The best way to get Awareness, Brand Equity and Attention is SEO. Optimization Tools provides business holders complete data about their customers. In addition, search engine optimization is also the best way to build better client base and strengthen user confidence. Start-ups or pre-installed companies, who do not want to spend on large scale marketing events, but wish to set their own brand, SEO is the best and cheapest way for them. This creates a relationship with the customer in a customized manner.

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Top Rated Grammar Correction tools for you

Office or student, many times such occasions come when we write something and wish that our written sentences be completely correct with Grammar's vision. Some online tools like this can help you in this work.


This is a tool available on many platforms. Apart from Chrome extension, it also works for Microsoft Office and you can install its Android or IOS applications in your smartphone too. The easiest way to use Chrome extension is to use it.


This tool is very useful for students. It allows you to write directly and find and improve Grammar's mistakes. With the help of its AI-Password Writing Assistant, you can check the sentences and correct mistakes. It can find 10 times more mistakes than Microsoft Word. Here you can find synonyms of every word.


This tool is designed for Writers and you can also find redundancies, repatriation, clich├ęs and other writing errors. It is available as an extension on Safari, Chrome, Windows and some other platforms.

Increase your blog traffic in this way

If you also do online business, with the help of internet, you can reach out to millions of customers from day one. However, due to competition it is not so easy. For this, you can draw some traffic on your website by taking help of some methods. But remember, by following one method and moving on to the other, you may not achieve your desired success. It is therefore necessary that you work on a strategy, give it some time, and when it starts giving positive results, do not leave it, but start working more and more hard so that it can give you results with your ability.

Content is what people share
Try these ways to increase your blog or website traffic

Your content should be focused and deep on a particular topic. Whether you post five thousand words or not. It will be viral by leaving the post behind the competitive five hundred words and Google will also give it the first place in its search.

Adding others to your content
Try these ways to increase your blog traffic

Names of brands, articles and well-known people in content will increase its readership. After doing so, tell them all on a small email that you have given them space in your blog. Contact for future positive reactions.

Try guest posting

Try these ways to increase your blog traffic

Find bloggers associated with your area and contact them to know if they will allow you to guest posting on your blog. Although famous bloggers get dozens of such offers every week, so keep in mind that the outline of your proposal should be different and at the same time, before you invite your guest posting, make them believe that you can prove to be beneficial for them.

What is SEO? A Brief explanation for beginners

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that lets us rank the rank of our website page in search engine. SEO means Search Engine Optimization, with the help of this technology, we can bring our blog to the top of the search engine results.

Whenever we have to find anything on the internet, we use the search engine to find it, almost 75% of people in the world use Google search engine. In addition to Google, there is also another big search engine, such as Yahoo, Bing, which is used most for search after Google. With the help of SEO in these search engines, we bring our post to the top position in the search engine.

When we have to search anything on Google, we use some 'KEYWORD' to search for that thing, then it shows the content that Google has with the KEYWORD that has it. Like if we have to know about the best university in jaipur, the keywords we use may be 'Best university in jaipur'.

what is seo short explanation for beginners

The results for this keyword that we will see on Google will be according to their own ranking, and who will be the top, will be number1 in the ranking. All these content that we see in Google on the basis of our keywords are from different sites, and every site is trying to post it on Google's position no.1.

To bring your post to no.1 position, we have to use SEO well in our posts. The best way is to have SEO of any blog that comes top position in the search result and the same traffic as the blog Brings your site, which makes the site more popular.

Types of SEO

Generally SEO is of two types

1. On-Page SEO - Optimizing everything in the content, such as heading, content quality, keyword placement, title, tags etc., which we implement in the content, is called on-page seo.

2. Off-page SEO-Search engine The off-site method we use to improve website ranking is called off-page optimization. In Off-Page Optimization, Generally we do the link building of our website.

Common, Simple, Best and Well-known way to increase your blog traffic mainly for beginners

Common, Simple, Best and Well-known way to increase your blog traffic  mainly for beginners

Guest blogging

Through this you can create Do Follow Backlinks by guest post  on High Authority Blogs. In Guest Blogging you have to submit your Guest Post in some good blogs. This will allow visitors of that blog to know about your blogs and your visitors will continue to grow. With Guest Blogging you will find good backlinks.


Start commenting on blogs related to your blog. This gives you No Follow Backlinks for your blog. And you must include url of  your blog in the blog you are commenting on. With this help increases the traffic of your website.

Join forums

In this way, to create backlinks, you have to join the forum related to your website.  You can create do follow backlinks by adding url of website in your profile.
Now ask your questions in the forum and give the link. Visitors give their answers in detail to give them links. With which backlinks will be created, this will help increase traffic to your website.

Mobile Blogging: Advantage or Disadvantage?

Today every hand have a mobile in their hand and they use it for various purpose. But you can also use it for blogging if you are interested in this. Here we are mentioning some advantages and disadvantages of using mobile for blogging. These points may affect your decision and your choice.


mobile blogging

1. Using mobile, you can easily manage your blog anywhere and at anytime.

mobile blogging

2. With this help you can write your posts.

mobile blogging

3. You can also edit the picture from Mobile to your articles.

mobile blogging

4. Social Media and elsewhere you can easily promote your articles.

mobile blogging

5. You can also see the traffic of your blog by using the mobile version of Google analytics.

smobile blogging

6. You can also see blog earnings from Google Adsense.

mobile blogging

7. Mobile Blogging is a very good investment in place of big computers if you are in the field of new blogging and want to learn it first.

There are some things you can not do using mobile in blogging.

Like this:

· If you are a designer of design and want to improve the design of your blog then it is not possible to do this work from mobile. Because designing has to be done to edit the codes.

· Because of the small screen you can take more time to do blog related work. Which can test your patience.

· By doing a lot of work on a small screen, it is not good for your eyes. It can cause trouble in it.

Well if you really want to blog, then you can easily blog from mobile and if you have some patience then you can earn a lot of money from it.