Increase your blog traffic in this way

If you also do online business, with the help of internet, you can reach out to millions of customers from day one. However, due to competition it is not so easy. For this, you can draw some traffic on your website by taking help of some methods. But remember, by following one method and moving on to the other, you may not achieve your desired success. It is therefore necessary that you work on a strategy, give it some time, and when it starts giving positive results, do not leave it, but start working more and more hard so that it can give you results with your ability.

Content is what people share
Try these ways to increase your blog or website traffic

Your content should be focused and deep on a particular topic. Whether you post five thousand words or not. It will be viral by leaving the post behind the competitive five hundred words and Google will also give it the first place in its search.

Adding others to your content
Try these ways to increase your blog traffic

Names of brands, articles and well-known people in content will increase its readership. After doing so, tell them all on a small email that you have given them space in your blog. Contact for future positive reactions.

Try guest posting

Try these ways to increase your blog traffic

Find bloggers associated with your area and contact them to know if they will allow you to guest posting on your blog. Although famous bloggers get dozens of such offers every week, so keep in mind that the outline of your proposal should be different and at the same time, before you invite your guest posting, make them believe that you can prove to be beneficial for them.

What is SEO? A Brief explanation for beginners

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that lets us rank the rank of our website page in search engine. SEO means Search Engine Optimization, with the help of this technology, we can bring our blog to the top of the search engine results.

Whenever we have to find anything on the internet, we use the search engine to find it, almost 75% of people in the world use Google search engine. In addition to Google, there is also another big search engine, such as Yahoo, Bing, which is used most for search after Google. With the help of SEO in these search engines, we bring our post to the top position in the search engine.

When we have to search anything on Google, we use some 'KEYWORD' to search for that thing, then it shows the content that Google has with the KEYWORD that has it. Like if we have to know about the best university in jaipur, the keywords we use may be 'Best university in jaipur'.

what is seo short explanation for beginners

The results for this keyword that we will see on Google will be according to their own ranking, and who will be the top, will be number1 in the ranking. All these content that we see in Google on the basis of our keywords are from different sites, and every site is trying to post it on Google's position no.1.

To bring your post to no.1 position, we have to use SEO well in our posts. The best way is to have SEO of any blog that comes top position in the search result and the same traffic as the blog Brings your site, which makes the site more popular.

Types of SEO

Generally SEO is of two types

1. On-Page SEO - Optimizing everything in the content, such as heading, content quality, keyword placement, title, tags etc., which we implement in the content, is called on-page seo.

2. Off-page SEO-Search engine The off-site method we use to improve website ranking is called off-page optimization. In Off-Page Optimization, Generally we do the link building of our website.

Common, Simple, Best and Well-known way to increase your blog traffic mainly for beginners

Common, Simple, Best and Well-known way to increase your blog traffic  mainly for beginners

Guest blogging

Through this you can create Do Follow Backlinks by guest post  on High Authority Blogs. In Guest Blogging you have to submit your Guest Post in some good blogs. This will allow visitors of that blog to know about your blogs and your visitors will continue to grow. With Guest Blogging you will find good backlinks.


Start commenting on blogs related to your blog. This gives you No Follow Backlinks for your blog. And you must include url of  your blog in the blog you are commenting on. With this help increases the traffic of your website.

Join forums

In this way, to create backlinks, you have to join the forum related to your website.  You can create do follow backlinks by adding url of website in your profile.
Now ask your questions in the forum and give the link. Visitors give their answers in detail to give them links. With which backlinks will be created, this will help increase traffic to your website.

Mobile Blogging: Advantage or Disadvantage?

Today every hand have a mobile in their hand and they use it for various purpose. But you can also use it for blogging if you are interested in this. Here we are mentioning some advantages and disadvantages of using mobile for blogging. These points may affect your decision and your choice.


mobile blogging

1. Using mobile, you can easily manage your blog anywhere and at anytime.

mobile blogging

2. With this help you can write your posts.

mobile blogging

3. You can also edit the picture from Mobile to your articles.

mobile blogging

4. Social Media and elsewhere you can easily promote your articles.

mobile blogging

5. You can also see the traffic of your blog by using the mobile version of Google analytics.

smobile blogging

6. You can also see blog earnings from Google Adsense.

mobile blogging

7. Mobile Blogging is a very good investment in place of big computers if you are in the field of new blogging and want to learn it first.

There are some things you can not do using mobile in blogging.

Like this:

· If you are a designer of design and want to improve the design of your blog then it is not possible to do this work from mobile. Because designing has to be done to edit the codes.

· Because of the small screen you can take more time to do blog related work. Which can test your patience.

· By doing a lot of work on a small screen, it is not good for your eyes. It can cause trouble in it.

Well if you really want to blog, then you can easily blog from mobile and if you have some patience then you can earn a lot of money from it.

Some blog styles and categories you can try in 2019

some blog categories you can try in 2019

Over the past decade, blogging has created a platform for people to share their knowledge and information through online concerts and posts. It has also become a profession that gives you an identity along with income. Apart from business, politics and society are also influencing blogging to a great extent. Although it is easy to become a blogger, there is a need for complete dedication and passion to stay here. If you also want to make a special identity, then make your blog style bigger and bigger.

Rogue -

some blog categories you can try in 2019

There is often sharp and upright content in the rogue blogs, whether it is in favour of a case or in opposition. These blogs pull the attention of readers very easily. Such bloggers are becoming fearless in changing their rules, the companions become critical in some subject and put their opinions in front of everyone.


some blog categories you can try in 2019

Any blog that has more than 2500 words written is called homer blog. It can be written on blogs, fashion and lifestyle, health and fitness, spirituality, education, coaching etc. To write such blogs requires plenty of brain stressing and research.

Crash Test Dummy-

some blog categories you can try in 2019

You test and review many techniques, tools and strategies on the Crash Test Dummy blogs. Apart from this, you see on such blogs that what works and what does not work for you.


some blog categories you can try in 2019

These types of blogs give many suggestions about personal and professional life to readers and provide a lot of information on personal development, educational guidance, career counseling and life coaching etc.


some blog categories you can try in 2019

In this type of blog you play the role of the host and publish guest author's posts. Here you do not have to worry about continuously writing. Apart from this, you can also post continuously.

I hope that you will try one of these category to attain a best place in field of blogging.

Increase blog traffic without having SEO knowledge

In this post I am going to show you my top 8 free traffic sources.

Many people talk about paid traffic sources these days. But I will argue that you can still make a living online of only using free traffic sources. No question about it and if you're just starting out. I would recommend you to use free traffic sources instead of paid advertising because otherwise you will start losing your money fast if you're not familiar with internet marketing and paid traffic sources and advertising. Well it's not completely free but it is working well.

Anyway let's start from number one

Increase blog traffic without having seo knowledge

Instagram is very hot and trendy at the moment. The marketing potential on this platform is huge and the amount of traffic circulating here is just insane. In order to get traffic create a nice-looking profile with your link in the bio  and then follow lots of people every day and many of those people will follow you back. Post images every day or two and try to be authentic so that you stand out from the rest. You can even send direct messages to people that are interested in your niche as well.

 All right number two is

Increase blog traffic without having seo knowledge

Join Facebook groups in your niche everyday . Don't join more than six to seven groups each day or your account might get locked this happened to me one time. When you have a huge member you can make posts there on a daily basis. But don't make it too spammy try to make good posts so that people will get curious about you and click your link that you have included as always try to provide value and you will get clicks and traffic in return.


So number three is 


Increase blog traffic without having seo knowledge

There are thousands of forums on the Internet try to find forums in your niche by just googling your keyword. Become a member in these forums then try to post on a daily basis by making good posts again and interact with other members include your link after a while people will start getting curious about you and start clicking your link. This method is very powerful but requires some work .
All right number four is

Increase blog traffic without having seo knowledge

Create a good-looking profile and start to follow people in your niche. I think you can follow a maximum of about 300 people daily start making beautiful and attractive posts on your boards and include your link on the images. After a while when you have a lot of followers on your boards you will start noticing that the traffic will start coming back to your website.

Now number five is

Increase blog traffic without having seo knowledge

Quora is the place where you can post questions about anything and everything and get answers. It's like a big place for discussion create a profile find a question about your subject your niche and answer that question in a nice way. Write an article and include your link and if your post is good people will be curious and start clicking your link.

Alright number six is

Increase blog traffic without having seo knowledge

Some people argue Twitter is dead but I can promise you it's not. Just create a
nice-looking profile and start making posts daily.  Put your link in your bio and start
following hundreds of people daily and many of those will follow you back. You can get really targeted leads from Twitter as you can search for people by using keywords there from your niche so go ahead and get started with Twitter.

Now so number seven is

Increase blog traffic without having seo knowledge

This is a huge platform with great marketing potential as well. Make sure you make
your profile look really cool and authentic and make posts almost everyday. Include your link from time to time and follow as many people as you can many of those will follow you back in. Your reach will become massive after a while.

 Alright moving on number eight is

Increase blog traffic without having seo knowledge

Reddit is a place where you can post articles about basically anything it is a huge platform and can be used to get lots of free traffic if used. Correctly however it takes a bit of time and patience to build up a profile here. After having made a series of posts try to include a link here  traffic will start coming.

Alright we have reached number 8th source for getting free traffic online is

Increase blog traffic without having seo knowledge

Youtube is now the second largest search engine in the world and the amount of traffic you can get from here is just unbelievable. Create an account and Channel and start making simple and small videos in your niche or about your subject. You can even make videos with PowerPoint if you don't want to film yourself. After having made maybe 10 videos or so one or two of those will most likely be a hit and people will start checking out your other videos as well. Don't give up keep going and make more videos you can even create several channels on different topics. Use keywords that people search for in the video titles and make sure to write the description that includes those keywords as well then put your link just under the video, so that people can find it easily. Keep this up and traffic from Youtube will start coming to your website like never before. Alright that's it.
Friends that was my top 8 free traffic sources.

Thanks for reading.

The Biggest Problem with Things to Do After Creating Blog, And How You Can Fix It

Today I will tell you to how to setup your blog properly to get better view and for getting better reader experience. In addition , I will tell you the problem that every blogger face in starting and how you can fix it.

The Biggest Problem with Things to Do After Creating Blog, And How You Can Fix It

So, first of all when you create a blog, you will see many widgets or gadgets are added already in that. But what is your need, this you have to decide that what necessary for you, which are not for use and which can you use for later but not yet.  So keep only that widgets that you want to use currently, and remove unnecessary by using giving option.

After that, if you feel that the names of the tools or widgets are not good or suitable in your point of view , you can change their name like you don't like "labels" name, then you can give it "categories" or  other you want.

Then you have to add some important pages which are must for using a blog. These are about, contact, privacy policy pages. You can also add disclaimer page if you want. These pages will help readers to know about your blog and to get contact easily with them.

Another thing you have to add to your blog is that social media icons. This is also a must need for your blog because if you want to engage more and more readers , then you have to create your social media IDs which may be your personal  account or blog IDs which are named by your blog. We use these ID for sharing our post on our page or personal account. By this, we can reach more and more readers.

After setting up all these, now most of the bloggers facing is that they have to no content or topic for posting their post. But the solution is not doing that things that are others doing. Don't become engaged in the competitors list of those which subject is highly searched and highly competitive. I know that every topic have competition but some are the topic which are highly searched but low competition because more people can't give suggestions to them because of some personally talented and psychological developed naturally. If you have these abilities, then I am sure that you will success in this field.

Even if you follow the steps given above, there is no surety of getting success. Because another thing is remaining is promoting. Many bloggers fail to promote their blogs. The most important thing regarding is that you should not feel shy in telling about your blog. Some bloggers says that they have not enough content so that readers stay for more time on their site. Also you have to share your contents on your social media IDs you have created and added in your blog.
Some readers also read comments of others. So, here is the chance to get more readers. You can also comment on other's blogs including your blog url. Your comment should be cool and attractive that should be in short explainer way. So that when other readers read the comments, then will find your amazing comment that will attract them to come on your blog to read your post.

Join other forums related to your blog and post continuously your post there. Answer other where your blog post matches to their questions.

One of the most important factors that fail many bloggers is infrequent posting. Readers when visits your blog, and the find some interesting, then they will keep in mind that your blog posts are amazing and interesting posts. Then they will remember your site, and may bookmark your site in their browser. If you are not sharing your post on your social media IDs, then it is chance to unfollow your page or id and it can decrease your readers which is the better visiting area for all bloggers. So please post continuously to your blog. If you are not getting idea, you can get from others site, and after reading them, you can create that in your own words.

If you find these tips helpful, than you can comment below and also give suggestions for writing more related to these topics . I am waiting for your reply. 

Have a good day.